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Church Lane Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd offer a wide range of tratments including acupuncture, sports massage, isokinetic testing and electrotherapy. 
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What you can expect on your first visit

Via a series of questions, a subjective examination aims to determine what the present problem is, how it started and what aggravates or eases the symptoms. This is followed by a full examination of the affected and surrounding areas in order to determine a diagnosis.
During the examination you may be asked to expose the affected area. We pride ourselves on a very professional approach and every effort is made to preserve modesty. We do have shorts available at the clinic. If you would be more comfortable with either a male or female physiotherapist, please state this preference at the time of booking an appointment.

The treatments we offer include

  • Shockwave therapy: A non-surgical treatment used to help with chronic and painful conditions such as tennis elbow, shoulder tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis
  • Acupuncture: An ancient system of healing that balances the chi (energy) in your body. Using fine needles to pierce the body at certain points, acupuncture treatment heals the both the body and mind.
  • Isokinetic testing: A measurement of your strength following post-operative rehabilitation or an injury.
  • Traction: Used in the treatment of degenerative spinal stiffness and acute disc injuries.
  • Manual therapy or manipulation: A hands-on treatment offered by our physiotherapists. This treatment can mobilise joints and soft tissues to restore function.
sports massage
  • Electrotherapy: Shortwave, interferential and ultra-sound electrotherapy use electric currents to therapeutically promote tissue repair and aid in pain relief.
  • Sports massage: Effective in releasing and reducing tension in the muscles. It improves circulation, encourages the removal of waste from the body, such as lactic acid and also stimulating or suppressing any nerve activity. It is effective in all stages of the performer’s participation. This includes the preparation, training, competitive and recovery stages.
  • Golf clinic: A series of personalised exercises strengthen your core and also improve your posture.
  • Women's health: We offer pelvic floor muscle re-education and bladder retraining to help you regain control of your bladder, and your life. Prolapse can also be improved with pelvic floor retraining.

Top-class on-site facilities

We offer a modern suite of facilities to make you feel comfortable and confident in our treatments. Our four separate treatment rooms give you the privacy and comfort that is required during your consultation and treatment periods. Additionally, you can make use of our fully equipped gym that also has rehabilitation equipment. The gym has a large floor space which makes group and individual remedial exercises possible and is fitted with full-length mirrors that allow for the correction of techniques used during your exercises, which will help you optimise your recovery.
“Excellent service and thank you for making my pain go away” 

“I feel that time was taken to explain my problem and that I was fully informed of the programme of treatment needed to sort it out.” 

“The clinic is a bright, clean and relaxing environment. All the staff is very, very helpful, warm and welcoming at all times. Parking is easy and I am always seen immediately on arrival. Both receptionists are very accommodating and friendly and Richard and Mel are always professional and reassuring.” 

"I have used his service for over 14 years. The team is fabulous, skilled and will always go the extra mile. Despite relocating over 90 miles away, I still come back to Church Lane Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd at least every 6 weeks for body TLC. Would not go anywhere else. It took me over 5 years to find such a great service, I won't be changing now!"
Women's health
If you need painless acupuncture treatments call Church Lane Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd in Newcastle-under-Lyme on
01782 719 232
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